Life Changing Lessons to Learn from your Bicycles

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It is fun and exciting, dynamic and inspirational!

With just one simple and easy to understand metaphor – the bicycle as a representation of the human state of mind – you can change your life:

  • Find out how to reclaim your energy, inner drive and aspirations.
  • Discover ways to harness your inner GPS to lead you to success.
  • Outsmart your mental obstacles and turn them into powerful advantages.
  • Take charge of the rider’s seat and start moving forward now.


International keynote speaker, coach, author and entrepreneur Asaf Dekel will lead you through a life changing inspirational trek that will open your eyes and fill you with can-do energy:

  • Does your organization need a serious energy boost?
  • Do you feel like things are stuck?
  • Has your success path come to a halt and you don’t know why?
  • Is everyone running fast with no progress in sight?
  • Are you out of synchronization with your life’s goals, missions and passions?

It’s time to get inspired and make that change you need so badly!
Bike Up Your Life is a new and innovational approach that will help you claim the success you dream about, and now.

The Bike Up Your Life approach is based on the principles of bicycle riding.
It’s fun and simple, full of vigor, optimistic and easy to understand.
Most importantly, it allows you to start riding your inner bike to success right now, starting today!


 Bike Up Your Life has changed the life of thousands of people.  Let it change your life too.

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